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AI-powered chatbot

Feature rich app for patients::

  1. Setting up Medicine Dosages, timings and reminders thereof.

  2. Medical Glossary.

  3. Tracking Health Vitals.

  4. Medical Report & doctor’s prescription repository.

  5. FAQs section about ALK Side Effects.

  6. Blogs and other articles about well-being.

  7. Dashboard, Patient Profile, Notifications & Settings Sections.

Mobile App & Chatbot:

  1. The interface is kept very similar to a popular chat application in order to keep the learning curve negligible.

  2. The interface presents with objective options, enabling the user to easily select the most apt option and continue without typing elaborate text messages.

  3. The use of bright colours enables ease of reading and understanding.

  4. All responses in the conversation are personalised based on patient's past history from hospital records as well as self entered.

  5. All conversations are time-stamped and archived for future reference.

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