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Our Story

We’re a creative digital marketing and online presence management company, specialising in tailored solutions for all our customers. Our team constantly keeps learning latest technologies and adapts them while keeping pace with market dynamics. Our development process is intersection of team skills and innovative technologies. Using modern environment we develop unique web solutions with the cost effective methods.

The Leaders

Sanjay Chaudhaary

An entrepreneur with 31+ years in Information Technology, Sanjay has helped numerous companies with digital presence and helped them scale digitally. He started his professional career in August 1991, the year in which liberalization and reforms had started in India, by setting up a data processing business with a friend. In the past 29 years, Sanjay has helped 600+ businesses across the globe, by providing them solutions starting from very simple database management to Enterprise level Web & Mobile Apps with consulting. He has also helped several startups raise from Ideation stage, walked them through launch and guided them to the next level.

Abhay Kumar Vadalia

Engineer, Digital Marketeer, UXDesigner and Heartfulness Meditator. Abhay has spent 10+ years in the IT industry working with tech giants as well as in the startup space.

Our Approach

Quality Assurance:

Strict quality control tools are in place, be it stress testing of any application or testing the mobile responsiveness of websites, low bandwidth compatibility testing for mobile apps.

Be it that typo in the caption or a disconnect in social media calendar, our QA steps in and irons everything out.

Delivery Timelines:

Stringent measures to assign, queue and deliver on time, every time.

To plan tasks and set priorities. Also to give our customers real time accurate information on progress, raise flag on rare delays and a systematic plan to follow up on client dependencies.

To perform QA to customer’s satisfaction. To enable the customer to raise tickets for defects / changes.


We get in your customers’ shoes to feel the pain points and provide optimum solution.

We believe in ‘Customer First’ approach.

Us in Numbers


Active Clients


Active Assignments

600+ Clients

Over 15 Countries


Years of Experience

BNI member since 10 years..

Total 2.04 cr+ TY slips passed

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